The Best Asbestos Encapsulation Products

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Asbestos encapsulation products assist with successful and safe asbestos encapsulation and repair. These days, it's possible to find an array of high-quality asbestos encapsulation products online and buying them in this manner may be more cost-effective than buying them offline, as many large online retailers do offer competitive prices, due to lower overhead.

Also, the biggest online retailers are able to buy more stock than smaller retailers can, for lower costs per unit.

For this reason, we'd like to show you three impressive asbestos encapsulation products, which are currently being sold for good prices at One or more of them may be exactly what you are looking for…

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Asbestos Encapsulation Products to Consider

1.) Fiberlock Technologies ABC Fiberspray

Our Rating: 5/5

One smart option is Fiberlock Technologies ABC Fiberspray. This airless spray encapsulant, which is a Grainger-approved product, comes in an eight-ounce spray can. The can's contents will cover square footage, which ranges from thirty-five to forty feet. It has a white color and it is utilized in order to encapsulate and enclose materials, which contain asbestos.

When you choose this highly rated product, you'll find that you're able to save effort and time. This fiberspray will allow you to get good results without needing spray equipment which is bulky and which may be costly to buy. It will encapsulate smaller areas rapidly, via an impact-resistant film, which is flexible.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Trusted Brand Name
  • No other equipment needed


  • Covers relatively small areas

2.) Fiberlock ABC Encapsulant Green 5 Gallon

Our Rating: 4/5

This green-colored compound is used for asbestos binding. It's actually the core product in the Fiberlock line and it offers a practical encapsulation solution to users, without costing a fortune. When you choose this product, you'll access a generous, five-gallon supply. The product will meet or exceed Environmental Protection Agency requirements.

The product is made from one hundred percent acrylic and it may be diluted with H2O in order to act as a cost-effective “lockdown” encapsulant or penetrative encapsulant.


  • Great brand
  • Adheres to EPA standards
  • Versatile
  • Created a dense barrier which laminates


  • Green color only

3.) Fiberlock 6421 ABC Encapsulant Off White 5 Gallon

Our Rating: 4/5

This well-known asbestos-binding compound is the main reason why its manufacturer, Fiberlock, has such a strong and positive reputation. It's actually one of the world's premier encapsulation solutions. When you choose this off-white, 5-gallon solution, you will find that it meets or exceeds Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

It's made from one hundred percent acrylic and you may add water if you want to create an affordable lockdown encapsulant or penetrating-style encapsulant. This formula is ready to use and make a dense barrier, which is laminated.


  • Good price (prices may vary based on where you buy)
  • Top brand
  • Off-white color works for many environments
  • Versatile


  • Rollers or brushes will be needed for application

Choose the Best Products Today

If you're worried about asbestos and want to encapsulate it before it can hurt you and others who spend time at your property, then we encourage you to invest in one or more of these asbestos encapsulation products today.

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